“What but design of darkness to apall?

– If design govern in a thing so small”


Frost ends his poem with these lines. Is there an appalling design?

A question to which we could never be able to answer.

We see in this poem that design could govern even the smallest thing. Are we all governed by a design? Could we not be able to change nothing, even if we choose to? Could we think that we’ve chosen the white and the right thing, but which comes to be black and bring us death instead?

I don’t know if we are governed by a design, or everything can be only an accident.

I believe that God has created us, but I don’t know whether he has planned everything for us in this life. I know that if we pray with all our will He fulfilles our desires. If God has created a design, He could not change it, while He changes our life if He wants to. This means that our life is not a design, but perhaps the moment of death is. Comparing the two poems of Frost “The Road Not Taken” with “Design”, we see that in the first he can choose for himself. He is himself able to make “all the difference” regarding to his future, while on “Design”, he brings the opposite view, that the environment decides for us. I think that the message Frost wanted to bring us is that we are able to choose how to live our life; we have the possibility to decide for our future, while death is not in our hands.

We are not able to decide for our death, but we have to accept it, we are dying creatures, we are born to die, but still we are able to live our life the best way, the way we want to perceive it. We must not forget that we all have to die, but at the same time we must not forget that we all have to live.

Life can be really beautiful or quite the opposite. Everything depends on our choices, on our ability to perceive it.

(While thinking of this I wrote these lines)

I am the sculptor of my feelings

and through that form I shape the life

and I’m the painter of my soul

who from his colours can view the world

I am the writer of my senses

whose single word brings life to world.

Ciljeta Luli

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